Project Status: Completed

Project Description:

The project includes administrative building, storage and green areas inside 4,5-hectare territory. This project was designed to enable centralized management of the potable water and sewer network in Guba city. The area of the administrative building totals to 1200 m2, which consists of 3 floors of 400m2 each. The project also included construction of an adjacent storage facility and landscaping works.

A SCADA system was installed inside the administrative building to control the entire potable water and sewer network of the city. This system allows for  automated control of the reservoir water levels, the status of the valves, pressure at the reservoir outlets and inside the network, as well as volume of the water inside the reservoirs. It also registers the coordinates of the accidents in the lines and enables for prompt resolution of the problem. The new system also immediately detects the areas experiencing water outages due to accidents.